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We do not have a direct comparison for the G3 and Ardyss Le Vive Juice, but I have looked up some information on the Gogi Juice web site and compared the information that I was able to find there. The following is a list of the ingredients found in Ardyss Le Vive Juice to make up their antioxidant blend: Pomegranate, Açai Berry, Mangosteen, Goji, and Noni. 

Goji – Chinese Lycium (a.k.a. wolfberry, Lycium Barbarum, Gou Qi Zi, Goji) is a fruit also found in G3 that we see fairly frequently in other juice products. We also have this as one of our Superfruits in the G3.

Acai Berry- is high in antioxidants, and phytonutrients. On the website I was not able to find any clinical studies done or much research that went into more detail on this.

Noni and Mangosteen- These two fruits are also very high in antioxidants, and have been tested individually against G3 as they are represented in Xango and Noni fruit drinks. (Please see the attached study.)

As for the other fruits listed in Ardyss Le Vive Juice, Pharmanex analyzed many fruits during the 3 year search in order to identify super fruits, but most did not qualify. The fact that fruits such as Pomegranate in the Ardyss Le Vive Juice — did not meet the Pharmanex super fruit qualifications doesn’t mean they do not have nutrients, but their benefit is no different from fruits that could be obtained in any local produce store. Also, as you will see in the comparative study with G3, Xango and Noni, many of those fruits are found in those beverages and did not make a large difference as far as antioxidant protection. The only fruits that we analyzed during our selection process for g3 fruits that had the criteria of super fruits, but which we chose not to include were raspberry, pomegrante, apricot, and  blueberry. Even though raspberries, pomegrante, apricot, and  blueberry had important characteristics of super fruits, they were not included due to the fact that they can be obtained in the grocery store, and therefore do not provide a unique story for our distributors.

There are other juices on the market that do contain antioxidants.  G3 is different in that it contains carotenoids, specifically lipocarotenes.  Gac also has high levels of fatty acids which creates a lipocarotene to deliver more bioavailable carotenoids. Compared to the beta-carotene found in dark-green vegetables, beta-carotene from Gac fruit appears to be more easily absorbed.One of our criteria in the super fruit selection process was to identify fruits that had a long history (typically more than a 1000 years) of being revered in the culture in which they were found. This lends additional support to the safety studies reviewed for the 6S process (i.e. If fruits have been safely consumed for more than a 1,000 years then we know they are safe for long term consumption). But more than just lending support to safety we knew that if a culture has revered a fruit for miraculous health properties for more than 1,000 years, there would be benefits not yet proven by science, but none-the-less real.

I have also attached the g3 Technical Overview for your convenience.

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